The GUTS Colorectal Cancer Family Clinic

The GUTS Colorectal Cancer Family Clinic provides free bowel cancer screening and counselling for people who have a higher risk of developing bowel cancer because of their family history. Bowel cancer usually affects people in later life but many of the people referred to the GUTS clinic will have experienced the loss of a close relative to the disease at a much earlier age; indeed in some exceptional cases teenagers and young people in their twenties and thirties may develop bowel cancer because of a genetic trait.

When a patient is referred to the GUTS clinic the first step is to ask that individual to complete a family questionnaire so that our experts can assess the likelihood of family members going on to develop bowel cancer. Generally that will depend on how many first degree relatives (ie parent or siblings) have developed bowel cancer and at what age.  Patients may then be referred for genetic testing and/or regular colonoscopy examinations. We keep in touch with patients and they are followed up at regular intervals until they become eligible for the National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme at age 60.

The GUTS Colorectal Cancer Family clinic provides a unique service and one which would not otherwise be readily available to families.  An early warning of bowel cancer can mean the difference between simple, effective and non-invasive treatment and the physical and psychological trauma of surgery, cancer treatment and uncertain outcome that comes with a late diagnosis. This important service can be literally life-saving.

You can help support the CCFC by joining the GUTS Weather Lottery, which provides GUTS with the regular, predictable income we need to ensure the continuation of this vital service.

For information about using our Colorectal Cancer Family Clinic please contact:

Beverley Gumbiti-Zimuto
Level D, Royal Surrey County Hospital,
Egerton Road, Guildford,
Surrey, GU2 7XX


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