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What we do

Papillon Radiotherapy machine purchased by GUTS with sister charity Bright for the RSCH in 2014.

Papillon Radiotherapy machine purchased by GUTS with sister charity Bright for the RSCH.

Our goal is to improve bowel cancer survival rates through more effective screening, detection and treatment, and by raising
awareness of the disease. GUTS funds a Family Colorectal Cancer Clinic (FCCC) based at the Royal Surrey County Hospital
which offers advice and screening to people at a high risk of developing bowel cancer.  We fund equipment and
facilities to help improve the care and treatment of bowel cancer patients at the RSCH and provide grants for research
into new ways of detecting bowel cancer and better ways of treating the disease.

GUTS continues to strive to raise awareness of the bowel cancer and ultimately save lives. We provide a unique service for the
community but we need your help to both maintain this service and to spread awareness of this common cancer.
As a registered charity, we rely solely on donations from you, our supporters, to continue our fight against bowel cancer.

You can support GUTS in a number of ways – please visit the ‘Get Involved’ pages to find out more about taking part in our
community fundraising activities.

Our history

GUTS was founded in 1983 by Professor Chris Marks, who recognised that early detection was key to improving bowel cancer
survival rates.  GUTS initiated one of the first bowel cancer mass screening programmes in the UK, reaching 20,000 patients
from 37 GP practices in the Guildford area in its first year.

Since then GUTS funding has been pivotal both in research to advance screening and detection, and in improving the care,
treatment and outcomes for patients from across the south of England. Over the years GUTS has raised funds for numerous
projects including a da Vinci Surgical Robot and a Genetic Analyser. Our screening programme has sent out over 50,000 faecal
occult blood testing kits across southern England, and GUTS-funded research projects published in medical journals have also
contributed to a better understanding of colorectal cancer.

Who we are…


Prof Chris Marks with GUTS friends and supporters gathering for the annual GUTS Motor Tour.

The Trustees of GUTS include surgeons, pathologists and patients who all give freely of their time to help organise fundraising

events and oversee the projects that funds are used to support. They include:

Professor Chris Marks FRCS (Patron)
Iain Jourdan FRCS (Chairman)
Matt Sharpe (Treasurer)
Phill Davis
Professor Stephen Halloran
Professor Tim Rockall
Andrea Scala FRCS
Jayne White

The Charity has one full time member of staff – Nerissa Deeks – who manages all aspects of fundraising and marketing for the Charity,
with the invaluable support of a committed volunteer network. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT VOLUNTEERING FOR GUTS

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